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Double Spend FUD Crashes Bitcoin Below $30,000; Return of Bear Trend?

Bitcoin crashed below $30,000 on Friday as traders panicked about a technical flaw that allows people to spend the same cryptocurrency unit twice. Google Trends for the keyword “Double Spend”—as the flaw is called—reached a perfect score of 100. This escalated quickly! #FUD #Bitcoin — Ciara Sun (@CiaraHuobi) January 22, 2021 According to BitMEX…

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An Overview of Modern Crypto Crowdfunding Mechanisms

Since 2013, the primary way new blockchain projects were funded was through a type of crowdfunding system known as an initial coin offering (ICO). In an ICO, early-stage blockchain projects would issue and sell tokens to investors, who usually get first access to these tokens — generally at the best available prices. As the project…

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Two Penny Stocks Bitcoin Investors Might Want To Follow

Buying bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies in 2020 has proven to be a winning strategy. But crypto investors looking to diversify their digital currency exposure should consider including stocks that offer exposure to specific companies with ties to cryptocurrencies. Penny stocks with small exposure to cryptocurrencies like (NASDAQ: OSTK) soared during the recent crypto…

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How DeFi Is Expanding Beyond Ethereum in 2021

The launch of Ethereum 2.0’s beacon chain marked a significant milestone at the end of 2020. Several years in development and subject to substantial delays, many were skeptical that it would even happen before the end of the year. Even now it’s launched, there’s still a long road ahead as the core developer team wrangle…

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