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Funganomics® Completes Seed Investment Round As It Readies For Nov 30 Presale

Funganomics® has successfully completed its first seed investment ahead of its presale. The completion of the investment round was announced on November 18th and the source of the funding came from a private U.S. investor. This funding will go towards staffing efforts, software enablement, and additional technology infrastructure for the project as it looks to…

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YouTube Crypto Scams On The Rise As Victims Lose Millions

Crypto scams have been on the rise with the bull rally but scammers have found another medium to perpetuate their scams. YouTube has always been an effective marketing and influencing tool in the space, which is why it is sometimes a prime target for scammers. This time around, scammers have found another way to separate…

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Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) Launches Series B Round of Funding, Here’s What to Look For

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) has successfully raised $3 million for its Series A funding round led by some notable venture capitalists such as CSP DAO Inc, Halvings Capital Ltd, Oracles Investment Group, GDA Capital and Deltahub Capital. The raised funds will be used for marketing AGV’s public token sale, covering operational and management expenses, and for the acquisition of new nonfungible…

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Crypto Trader Hamster Dies, Leaves Behind Impressive PNL

Two months ago, Bitcoinist covered the story of a crypto investor with an impressive and unusual track record. A little hamster known as Mr. Goxx stole the attention and affection of the crypto community as he recorded a 20% return or 63.27 euros across his career. Related Reading | How This Crypto Trading Hamster Is…

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Billionaire Tells Investors; “Buy Bitcoin Right Now”

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego has advised investors to put their money into bitcoin. Salinas who is the third richest man in Mexico advised this due to the rate at which the Fed is printing dollars. Inflation rates have soared in the past year and are expected to continue doing so. The billionaire advises putting…

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BUSDMatrix – The Best Dapp on Binance Smart Chain

On the horizon of yield farming Dapp on Binance Smart Chain, it is hard to find the best ones. What is the best option for Dapp, which offers high ROI to their customers and is also secure? The innovative Dapp BUSDMatrix has been recently talked about a lot in the crypto community. It is a…

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