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Archive for October 2020

Bitcoin Price Dives $500 in 3 Minutes as Volatility Continues

The leading cryptocurrency plunged around $500 in the span of three minutes just minutes ago. Bitcoin now trades for $13,000 after hitting $12,700 briefly. Analysts remain confident after that rapid move lower. Bitcoin Prices Dives Under $13,000 After Hitting New Year High What a chaotic past few days it has been for Bitcoin. The leading…

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Are Derivatives Overheated? Bitcoin Funding Rates Begin Inching Up

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally higher over the past week, reaching highs of $13,250. Looking at derivatives trends, one analyst recently postulated that Bitcoin’s price action may be overheated. The aggregated open interest and CVD of BTC futures markets are meeting notable resistances, he noted. Bitcoin May Be Overheated, Analyst Fears as Funding Rate…

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Bitcoin Likely to Continue Rally

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past week, even after news that OKEx had blocked withdrawals. The coin trades for $13,150 as of this article’s writing, which is just shy of the weekly highs. Analysts think Bitcoin will continue to move higher in the coming days. Bitcoin Expected to Move Higher Bitcoin has…

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Miners Aren’t Selling Ethereum Despite Its Sizable Rally

Ethereum’s price has rocketed over the past few days alongside Bitcoin, but it has been underperforming the benchmark crypto While Bitcoin is currently on the brink of setting fresh yearly highs, ETH is trading down significantly from its $490 highs that were set a couple of months ago For ETH to outperform BTC, there will…

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Bitcoin Community Cringes as Federal Reserve & the Treasury Look to Crack Down

The Bitcoin community is cringing as the Federal Reserve and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a branch of the U.S. Treasury, looking to decrease the reporting requirements imposed on financial institutions. Bitcoin Community Doesn’t Like the Recent “Travel Rule” Moves These two entities are specifically targeting the so-called “Travel Rule,” which requires institutions to collect,…

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