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Archive for September 2020

Bingbon Expands Fiat Capability with MoonPay Partnership

Bingbon has further extended the range of fiat currencies available for use on its exchange after partnering with MoonPay. As an international provider of secure fiat-to-crypto transfers, MoonPay’s alliance with Bingbon opens the exchange up to a wider user base and increases the effectiveness of its fiat onramps. Bingbon Meets MoonPay Bingbon’s Product Lead, Daly…

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Kirobo Launches KIRO Token with ‘Whale-Proof’ Staking Mechanism

Blockchain startup Kirobo has announced the conclusion of its successful beta phase, opening the way for the launch of its KIRO token and innovative “whale-proof” staking program. Kirobo’s mission is to protect cryptocurrency users from human error, tackling an estimated 18% of people who have lost funds through sending errors.  With support from the Israel…

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Why Bitcoin Just Surged to $13K in Belarus Amid Massive Protests

Belarus has become a hot ground of the great Bitcoin experiment as the country dwells into one of its most disturbing civil crisis. Ask prices for the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization are going higher across peer-to-peer platforms. Data fetched from Paxful, a Bitcoin marketplace, show people demanding a $2,500 premium for one unit…

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Flow Blockchain Combines DeFi And NFTs To Power Future Crypto Games

Like the internet, blockchain has been pitched as the next revolution that will disrupt all major industries and change the face of technology forever. But problems pertaining to scaling, high transaction fees, and clunky developer tools prevent expedited mainstream adoption from happening. Most scaling solutions merely divert challenges back to developers or put decentralization itself…

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Bitcoin is Eerily Copying Gold Trends; Analyst Fears Breakdown

Bitcoin is laggingly tailing the gold chart trends, and it may face trouble for its delayed correlation. That is due to the precious metal’s latest breakdown move, wherein the price broke out of a Symmetrical Triangle pattern to the downside. Incidentally, Bitcoin is now consolidating inside a similar technical structure, and one analyst predicts it…

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