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Archive for February 2020

Why is Huobi’s Bitcoin Stash by up 150 Percent Since Jan 19?

In the past year, Huobi has dramatically expanded its central cold wallet. Especially the Chinese crypto exchange’s Bitcoin holdings have seen a substantial appreciation.  Huobi’s Influence Grows as More Bitcoin, USDT Funds Flow into the Exchange The influence of Huobi cannot be underestimated, but also the fact that the exchange became the biggest Bitcoin (BTC)…

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OKEx CEO Offers Bounty for DDoS Attacker

There doesn’t seem to be very much to be cheerful about lately in crypto. If a $30bn loss this week from the market cap wasn’t enough, two major exchanges have suffered DDoS attacks and system outages. Now, OKEx CEO Jay Hao is offering a bounty for anyone who has info on the attacker. OKEx Detected…

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Warren Buffett POSSUI Bitcoin

Warren Buffett foi no CNBC ontem e disse que ele não possuía nenhum Bitcoin. Alerta de spoiler: ele possuía. Traduzimos esse video de um canal que é meu favorito em ingles – Venture Coinist!! — Bitcoin, cryptomoedas,,antifragil, investimento, ouro digital, halving, escola austríaca, futuro, estudo, planejamento financeiro, portifolio, primo rico, fundo de acoes, venture capital,…

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