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Archive for May 2019

7 Majors Signs Confirming The Bitcoin Bull-Market Is Back

Analysts like Tone Vays may be calling for a pullback but here are seven major indicators that the Bitcoin bull market is officially back. 1. Fundamentals Testing ATHs No market reaches maturity until it’s been through a few bull and bear cycles. That grueling ‘crypto winter’ did a great job of separating the wheat from…

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Bitcoin Dominance Slips 5% as New ‘Altseason’ Taking Shape

Altcoins are shooting up in value in the past couple of weeks as Bitcoin dominance has slipped 5 percent. During the past 90 days, almost all major altcoins are marking notable double and even triple-digit percentage increases hinting at a possible ‘altseason.’ BTC Dominance Down 5%  Altcoin season is a period in the market cycle,…

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Zweiter Satoshi Nakamoto registriert Bitcoin Copyright

Wer will nochmal, wer hat noch nicht? Anderthalb Monate nach dem Paukenschlag in Form von Craig Wrights Bitcoin-Copyright-Gesuch hat sich ein zweiter Satoshi Nakamoto als Urheber des Bitcoin White Paper registriert.   Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag Zweiter Satoshi Nakamoto registriert Bitcoin Copyright erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO. Source: BTC Echo

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