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Archive for July 2018

Commonwealth Bank Boasting Blockchain-Enabled Global Trade Platform

In-house blockchain technology solutions continued to permeate supply chains as Australia’s Commonwealth Banks has successfully conducted a high-profile shipping experiment. ‘Agile, Efficient and Transparent’ Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has successfully shipped and tracked seventeen tonnes of almonds in a blockchain-based collaboration with five domestic and international supply chain leaders. The platform used purportedly utilizes distributed ledger…

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SIM-Swapping Bitcoin Thief Charged in California Court

Investigators have arrested and charged a 20-year-old college student with multiple counts of hacking and identity theft. Prosecutors accuse him of being part of a gang which stole $5 million of cryptocurrency by hijacking mobile phone numbers.  Caught by the Fuzz Following his arrest at LAX airport while on his way to Europe, Joel Ortiz was apparently quick to…

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No Biggie: McDonald’s Own ‘Currency’ Is Just A (Physical) Commemorative Coin

McDonald’s will celebrate the 50th birthday of its flagship Big Mac burger by issuing its own “tangible” currency, the company revealed this week. MacCoin ‘Transcends Currencies’ As the company explains in a press release Sunday, the ‘currency,’ dubbed ‘MacCoin,’ will serve as a means of rewarding customers with free burgers and also serve as a…

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