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Archive for June 2018

Bubbletone Collects $8.6 Million via ICO and Successfully Tests Proprietary Roaming-Free SIM Card

The blockchain-based global telecom platform Bubbletone  has successfully completed its ICO, collecting $8.6 million. All Universal Mobile Tokens (UMT) will be issued to crowdsale participants by 10 July. Soon the company plans the market launch of an original roaming-free Bubbletone SIM card that developers are already actively testing in the US and Europe. In addition, a…

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Russia’s Biggest Payments System Qiwi to Open Crypto-Investment Bank

QBT, a daughter company of Russia’s largest electronic payments system Qiwi, announced it will launch the country’s first ever cryptocurrency investment bank.  Russia’s First Cryptocurrency Investment Bank The new company — which will operate under the brand-name HASH — will be registered in Russia,  reports Russian news outlet Kommersant. The project will be based on…

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‘The Rout in Cryptocurrencies is Still Not Finished,’ Claims Barclays

Looking for someone to play the bearish case in regards to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Look no further than the Head of Investment Strategy at Barclays Smart Investor, Will Hobbs — who claims “the rout in cryptocurrencies is still not finished.” Economic Illiteracy Following the Bank of England’s warning to City bosses that implementing cryptocurrencies into…

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Lightning Network ‘Really Does’ Solve Bitcoin Scaling: Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has defended the Lightning Network as an optimal Bitcoin scaling solution, saying it is “naive” to assume that its current nascent state means it will fail to scale in future. Critics ‘Misunderstand Engineering’ Speaking as part of his regular Q&A sessions, the celebrated cryptocurrency educator and lecturer addressed criticism of Lightning, which remains…

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Monero Lead Supports Off-Chain Bitcoin Scaling ‘For Maximal Privacy’

Monero team member Riccardo Spagni reaffirmed his belief that a so-called ‘layer two’ scaling solution is needed for Bitcoin — stating it is “necessary” for capacity improvements and “maximal privacy.” Lightning Network Strikes Down Ver Claims Spagni’s comment appeared on Twitter in response to fresh assertions from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver that Bitcoin (BTC)…

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