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No blog hoje todas as novidades sobre a Litecoin! Extremamente feliz e orgulhosa de fazer parte desse grande time. Muitas novidades por vir! Não percam o sorteio especial da camisa do Brasil assinada por Charlie e John. Se inscreva no blog!

In the blog today all the news about Litecoin! Extremely happy and proud to be part of this great team. Lots of news to come! Do not miss the special draw of the Brazilian shirt signed by Charlie and John. Sign up for the blog! View Reddit by Msmaecrypto – View Source

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IOTA-News: Mit gutem Ruf gegen böse Nodes

Das IOTA-Entwicklerteam setzt bösartigen Nodes ein Reputationssystem entgegen. Damit soll es möglich werden, gewisse Nodes zu bewerten und damit als „vertrauenswürdig“ einzustufen.   Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag IOTA-News: Mit gutem Ruf gegen böse Nodes erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO. Source: BTC Echo

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Bitmain Puts Its Mega Mining Facility Project in Texas on Ice

Bitmain Technologies is shelving its plans to create a mega Bitcoin mining facility in Rockdale, Texas. The news comes as the Bitcoin mining behemoth continues to downsize both the scale of its operations as well as its staff numbers. $500 Million Bitcoin Mining Project on Hold According to Texas Public Radio (TPR), Bitmain his suspending its…

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State of Emergency –

The year has started with a bang!  Stocks and cryptos are rallying strongly so far yet volatility is still really high. This afternoon, we’ll have a special webcast at 3:00 PM GMT to discuss some of the main themes going into 2019 and how to position your portfolio. This session is open to everyone and…

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Ethereum Classic Reels From 51% Attack: Double-Spends Reported

Coinbase has frozen trading of Ethereum Classic (ETC) as developers continue to clarify reports that the coin’s network suffered a blockchain reorganization attack. Coinbase, China And ASICs Originally reported as rumors January 6, ETC 00 has since succumbed to a mystery offensive which officials have yet to explain. The Coinbase move came following allegations from…

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Calm Down and Enjoy the Ride

It’s clear by now that the number one roadblock to crypto adoption is education. Just like it was in the early days of the internet, it’s not so simple for the average person to tap into the advantages of crypto assets, nor are the advantages even clear to everyone at this point. I remember well the great…

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