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Comprando bitcoin mais barato no Brasil #bitcoin #voepa #bitpreço

Saiba como comprar bitcoin mais barato no Brasil e até mesmo fazer arbitragem sem muita burocracia na Bit Preço Site ANUNCIANTES *ANUBIS (Faça seus bitcoins renderem) *BLEUTRADE (Trade com altcoins) *BITCONF (Maior conferencia brasileira de criptomoedas) *SMARTCASH (A criptomoeda da adoção) *KAMONEY (Pagamento de boletos com criptomoedas) *DECRED (Moeda…

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Bitcoin Upgraded To ‘B’ By Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings revealed yesterday that it has upgraded Bitcoin from a ‘B-‘ to a ‘B’. However, it still recommends holding out for a price correction before buying. Highest Rated Bitcoin Just Gets Better The, perhaps most respected, independent ratings agency, Weiss rates cryptocurrencies based on four factors, technology, adoption, risk, and reward. These are often…

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Over 300 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed Last Month

Bitcoin ATMs saw the highest monthly increase in May 2019 for almost a year with a net growth of 228 across the globe. 306 Bitcoin ATMs Installed in May 2019 Data from Coinatmradar shows that the increase in bitcoin ATM installation across the globe in May 2019 reached a 1-year high. Comparing the number of…

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Holding Bitcoin is Okay, But Using and Mining It Isn’t

The Duma (parliament) representative in Russia may finally have given some clarity on cryptocurrencies, albeit inadvertently. While announcing potential fines for miners, it stated that owning bitcoin was possible. The revelation came during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, during an interview with Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets. Anybody…

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Ethereum Still Bearish Because it Can’t Decouple From Bitcoin

Ethereum is still hopelessly coupled to Bitcoin price and practically mirrors the movements of the world’s leading cryptocurrency. With BTC still vulnerable and a larger drop expected by many, ETH is very likely to follow suit and analysts are looking into support and resistance zones. Ethereum Tied to Bitcoin Price You could almost overlay the…

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New Report Finds DApps Useless

The majority of blockchain DApps, including EOS, are clunky, slow, and struggling to attract users. Now, according to a shocking report by AnChain, they’re also rife with bot traffic. Blockchain DApps Struggling to Attract Users The vast majority of blockchain DApps are struggling to consolidate a user base. Decentralized exchanges suffer from lack of liquidity,…

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