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BTC – Ainda Aguardo Retração

The [grafico Bitcoin] ( represented a sharp drop in recent weeks and reached levels that many commented on, including me, although I was already much more optimistic with a high potential. I have established some levels of support and resistance that I believe are important to the asset at that time. Clearly after the fall,…

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Preço do Bitcoin: o que está acontecendo?

[ço-do-bitcoin-o-que-está-acontecendo-9ee0b7b3ff40?fbclid=IwAR3qbDaJT-BG3gXVTmQ7HBtgnbkjGqz27bP6KLCmhMWXKHQjRgpvs6vhhBs] ( View Reddit by allex2501 – View Source

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‪📝traduçao do texto de Nick Szabo: Measuring Value para Cypherpunks BR. Muitos de nós acreditamos que ele é uma das pessoas por trás do pseudonimo de Satoshi! O cara é fera e seus textos incríveis. Aos poucos estamos traduzindo todo esse matérial p/ vcs💋

📝 Nick Szabo's text translation: Measuring Value for Cypherpunks BR. Many of us believe he is one of the people behind Satoshi's pseudonym! The guy is beast and his texts are incredible. We are gradually translating all this material into vcs💋 View Reddit by Msmaecrypto – View Source

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BTC de volta a Baixa

After strong fall it seems that we find a bottom finally. No [grafico Bitcoin] ( seems to react positively and the goal now is to find the retraction points since the trend continues to fall. By fibonacci in 38% and 61% values ​​such as $ 4700 and $ 5400 are found as profit realization points…

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