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BTC – Ainda Aguardo Retração

The [grafico Bitcoin] ( represented a sharp drop in recent weeks and reached levels that many commented on, including me, although I was already much more optimistic with a high potential. I have established some levels of support and resistance that I believe are important to the asset at that time.

Clearly after the fall, the price held on a $ 3900 bracket and it has been on lateralization since then, a correction of that wave is expected at the most important fibonacci levels, being that 38% at $ 4700 or even 61% at 5400. The most important and sensible level is in 61% of the fibonacci that meets confluence with the resistance related to funds and very old tops, of 2017.

All the retraction leads to a new wave of momentum, which in this case would be down. I realize that by finding resistance at the 38% level in the mid-4700s the price should push up to the next bracket, priced at $ 3000. A very attractive value for investors.
For those who want to buy, this fund is still not interesting despite being "cheap", a bullish trend should only begin to form above 6200, the strongest resistance we have to break.

For buyers the security measure is to wait very patiently. For holders, we can have a new fund later this year. For sellers, I also suggest waiting for the price to retrace to levels close to or above 4700.

& # x200B;

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