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Bitcoin Subiu Correndo Agora ta Cansado


Bitcoin had a great boost from March to here, a climb and so much, but now shows his tired performance making candles of low variation below the top. I note that he has not lost his upward trend, neither a bold level nor a conservative level, in fact, hope is the last that dies, but a purchase at that moment only with the breaking of the top.

As soon as I see a fatigue on the part of the bulls, we can start a correction to recover the breath at any moment – I think healthy. For this we will have to break the support zone between $ 7600 and $ 7200, which is the most important selling pivot for [Bitcoin] ( at that time.

I draw a fibonacci so we have a good sense of where the BTC can reach before it begins its downfall (if any). $ 6500 and $ 5900 are the biggest candidates to end the retraction and resumption of high.

& # x200B;

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