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[Bitcoin] ( simply EXPLODE up, as usual our good old btc, good times 2017. So I bring a neutral analysis on the support points and resistance.

The rise was strong, it was more than 50% since my last idea published, so a lot of caution, for the swingers it's late to buy, ideally expect a strong retraction of the market for the purchase. It is worth noting that we are clearly in a bullish trend, in the daily and almost weekly.

The points of purchase that I plan are in the 6200 and 6800 brackets as explained in the video below (which did not happen as designed), the retraction can hold at the price of 7400, although I consider that price so weak so far.

The points of resistance are based on ancient movements that were attractive trading points. Resistances will be good exit points or entry into the future. I keep watching (I lost the entry) but I'm smarter now!

Just up!

& # x200B;

** Personal study and no investment recommendation. Trade at your own risk. **

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