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Huge Bull Signal on 1-Month Chart

Bitcoinist Senior Analyst, FilbFilb, has identified a bullish MACD convergence on the 1-month BTC/USD chart, which only ever happens just before Bitcoin price goes parabolic. The Bitcoin Bull Market Has Officially Begun Bitcoin is about to have its third monthly bullish MACD cross of all time. Its worked out pretty well in the past. 😈…

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Automatic Bitcoin Micropayments Are Coming to Lightning Network

With the introduction of Joule Allowances, the Bitcoin network takes one step closer to achieving its potential for automated micropayments and ‘streaming money.’ Joule Allowances Enables BTC Auto-Micropayments Since its inception, Bitcoin has been trying to live up to its promise of being an enabler of frequent, low-value, instant payments. However, this is difficult to…

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Facebook’s ‘Cryptocurrency’ Libra Finds Love In China –

Despite overarching suspicion in the west, Facebook’s Libra ‘cryptocurrency’ does seem to be finding some love in China. Facebook Launches A Titanic White Elephant So Facebook’s much-vaunted ‘cryptocurrency, Libra, launched with great fanfare yesterday, but left many feeling decidedly unimpressed. The (rather clumsy) website crashing just moments after launch was just the icing on a well-stacked…

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BTC Surge Leaves $570 CME Gap

Bitcoin price posted an impressive 8.7% surge over the weekend has left another sizeable gap in the CME Bitcoin Futures chart – this time around the psychological $9K mark. Are we going to be in for a turbulent week? Let’s take a look. 4-Hour Bitcoin Price CME Futures Chart Between the 15-16 June, bullish traders…

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Cryptocurrency Adoption Is Highest in These 5 Countries

When we think of cryptocurrency adoption, we often assume that South Korea, Japan, or the United States take the lead. Not so, according to the latest results from Statista. For those of us engulfed in the world of cryptocurrency, it feels like we live and breathe Bitcoin–and we expect everyone else too as well. But…

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Facebook Unveils Wallet For Pseudo-Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’

Facebook has finally unveiled its cryptocurrency offering, revealing a custodial wallet and making suspicious claims about what gives it value. Facebook To ‘Make Money Better’ As Website Crashes Dubbed ‘Calibra,’ the wallet will serve Facebook’s coin, which will be known as ‘Libra’ in line with previous hints surfacing in the press in recent weeks. The…

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